Here are some other games which we've enjoyed playing naked.


These old-time favourites are still worth every penny of shareware fee for which the authors ask. Simple, yet engaging, and good for hours of entertainment.

(It turns out that it's a little difficult to keep all the links correct for these games, but I found a very nice master-archive, which I'll link here. Try that link if the individual link for a game is broken. I'll try to update them from time to time, also. I'm keeping my comments in, just in case some people are new to the game scene, and don't know about these fine, fun things...)

Mac Game Archive

Bolo The classic tank-combat game, with a little resource-management and other cool features thrown in. Of course, it's network playable, and you can program 'bots to run your tank, for an 'advanced corewars' kind-of effect.
Empire Master The classic 'conquor the world' game, with network play and a darned-good computer opponent that doesn't cheat (difficulty levels are managed by handicaping the computer-player with a head-start at the beginning of the game. After that, it plays by the same rules you do.)
Freeverse Jared rocks. 'Nuff said. And who can deny the captivating stimulation of Sim-Stapeler -- which would be the perfect game, if only it had network play (cooperative or head-to-head, or course.)


For those of you who just can't sleep unless you've been totally exhausted by mind-blowing, ultra-fast 3D-rendered hair-on-fire shoot-'em-ups, these are a few we've enjoyed. Of course, they may take a while to download, even on *your* ultra-fast 'net connection...
Obviously, this sort of fun doesn't come as cheaply as your basic shareware...

Descent If it moves, shoot it, in true 3-D. While the plot is a tad thin (you're a mercenary for corporate strip-miners who only care about profit-margins), the sub-text of the start-of-level briefings is pretty hilarious, and worth the read. And, of course, it's a great game. Not technically share-ware, it's more of a disabled demo. But still...
(As of this writing, Descent 2 is out.
A-10 Cuba One of the better flight-simulators around, not to mention, it looks like they had some top-notch research as far as flight-characteristics and cockpit arrangement. 'Just like the real thing'. Also not technically share-ware, but more of a disabled demo. Still...
Marathon Marathon isn't shareware, although they're practically GIVING the 1st one away. A lot of people like it for it's networked cooperative, team or head-to-head 'paintball for nerds' aspect. I, personally, enjoy setting the difficulty level to 'kindergarden' and pitting my wits against the authors of the very-fine (I mean *extra*-very-fine) story-line which begins with the alien invasion of the USS Marathon (your ship) and their subsequent viral-infection of the ship's Artificial-Intelligences (who more-or-less run things) and their subsequent deterioration into senility ('genius'?! ). First Marathon, then Marathon 2, and now Marathon Infinity ('3'), which includes Bungie's map & physics-model editors.
If you think you're a hot-shot, set the difficulty level to 'Total Carnage' and see if you can make it out of the first room. Prepare to be squashed. The most computer-game fun I've ever had, at any price.
From the same company, Myth: The Fallen Lords is pretty cool, too.

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