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Impossiblox is Shareware! Check the Impossiblox page and download a copy today.

Give Impossiblox to your friends, your family, your coworkers,your pets, your enemies. Updoad it to your favourite BBS, upload it to a BBS you hardly ever use. Give it to your boss or teacher (that way, they'll stay off your back.)

E-Mail suggestions for improvements and/or any problems you encounter. And watch this space for the latest version, as we have a few ideas of our own. Yes, we're working on Impossiblox for other platforms -- "Soon!"
Impossimaze is a game of navigational confusion. Find your way through a place where your direction and destination are continually changing. Leave if you can.

Ees seemple, no?
Mais si!

Impossimines will change the way you look at space travel. How many new dimensions can you explore before you explode? And what *are* those things, and why are they on your ship?

So, you'd like to be a Play-Naked Alpha tester, eh? Get to play these fantastic games before anyone else? Amaze and impress your friends? Have a rockin' high score before others can even download the game? Well, it's not really that easy. As much as we like y'all and everything, the whole point of having Alpha testers is that it's hoped that they'll somehow to contribute to the higher-quality of the product.

Quality -R- Us, after all...

But, if you think you've got that eye for detail, that unswerving dedication to making the world a better place, a machine that can crash while running pre-release software, yet still recover and come back for another beating -- if you think you have the resolve and perseverence to pursue a bug down the nastiest rat-hole to deduce just what are the steps to reproduce it, then maybe you've got what it takes to be a Play-Naked alpha tester.

And, if you're good, we might put you in the about-box...

So, if you're still interested, you can ask permission from the Quality Goddess...

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