Impossiblox is Shareware!

(That's "free trial-period", to you...)

Impossiblox is a game of skill that will stretch your wits as you attempt to fit the falling 3-D pieces (rendered in real time) together to form complete rows. Don't leave too many holes, because if the pile builds-up to the top, the game is over.

Helps build spatial perception and relational skills. Many have reported improved hand-eye coordination, as well as a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

CAUTION: This game has been shown to be addicting and to cause lack of productivity, loss of sleep and assignments that are turned-in late. Use with extreme care. Best if played without adult supervision.

Impossiblox screen-shot

The current version is Impossiblox v1.1.

Download Impossiblox v1.1 (1,619k) now.
Please read the Read-Me file for important information.

Impossiblox requires the following --
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