About Play-Naked

"Our Founder*"
Our Founder
Play-Naked exists for two reasons:
(i) We like to fool-around
(ii) We like to be comfortable.
"Fool-around", "be comfortable" -- "Play-Naked", simple, yes?

Being basically average people, it occurred to us that there were probably other average people who like to Play-Naked, too. And some of these average people would have computers. And some of these average, computer- owning people would really prefer not to spend all their hard-earned money fooling-around, comfortably and shelling-out $50-80 per game to do it. Enter Play-Naked Software.
Games you can be comfortable with at a price you can afford.
What could be easier?

...And remember the words of Rebecca, the Play-Naked poster-babe: Try now, decide later -- pay only if you enjoy it, pass it along to someone else. That's the ShareWare system -- no middle men, no 3-D holographic box that's just going into the dumpster anyway, no TV ads, no action-figures. (Ok, to be fair, we sell Impossiblox action-figures -- but that's only because making them is more like fooling-around than working, so doesn't really count.)

"All my men Play-Naked, or they don't get to play at all."
Either way, browse around, check us out, see what you see. Feel free to e-mail your comments and suggestions. Check back once in a while, as we're constantly making more fun, foolin'-around, comfortable stuff.

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(* Our fearless founder is pictured here, playing on a trampoline in broad daylight, in front of God and everybody, in his stars-and-stripes underwear which -- while not technically "naked" -- seems more than any mortal ought to be asked to bear. That's the shadow of George's ghost on the left. What happened just after this picture was snapped -- well, you don't want to know.)